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Allow Your Fullest Expression

Lead from Love   •   Create a Life Based on Freedom   •   Make an Impact

You shouldn't have to compromise.

I know that you want freedom – to be liberated from the exhausting and confining conditioning that keeps you from being who you naturally are. In order to do that, you need to connect to your innate resource of love and practice living from there. You’ve likely tried everything that comes recommended by others, and yet something is still out of sync, which leaves you in an almost constant state of dissatisfaction.

Are You Feeling as Free, Fulfilled and Alive as You Sense You Could Be?

Get back in touch with what really matters to you

It’s common to lose ourselves in daily life. My framework helps you to get in touch with what makes you feel alive and whole.

Adopt a New Way of Being

Get good choosing to live from love instead of your self-protective habits so you can do what's important, be nourished, and enjoy your life.

Feel more at ease with change and uncertainty

Too often we outsource our sense of value and security. I believe everyone is capable of being their own resource. I'll consistently invite you to access yours.

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Hi there, I'm Nat!

I support visionary coaches and consultants to lead from love, to make space for their whole selves, and to create lives rooted in freedom, aliveness, and significance.

Creating a Life Rooted in Freedom & Significance Isn’t Complicated

  1. Schedule a Call – A free 45-minute session to drop into presence and allow what really matters to you to emerge.
  2. Discuss what feels right for you
  3. Practice experiencing your life and work from a place of self-trust and deep satisfaction
“I’m extraordinarily selective about the coaches I work with and recommend. I consider Nat to be at the top of my list of those who are truly gifted coaches. Working one-one-one with Nat was so incredibly foundational for me in developing skills and tools that help me, still, everyday. Most significantly, I’m able to easily find my sense of peace, my grounding center, when I need it most. When I feel out of sorts, unclear, off, anxious, stressed or panicked, even. I’m able to make decisions with deeper confidence, trust my internal process, and step into taking action in ways I’ve stayed in great limbo before. I have freed up a lot of mental real estate to spend on things now that bring me much more satisfaction, instead of worry. His Bold Aliveness Model is amazing and astute. It’s been key for me to understand the difference between my conditioned states of being versus my natural states of being. And now I have the framework I need to stay within my natural states of being whenever I start to feel pulled out. All of this has been such a gift to my coaching business, my entrepreneurial ventures and my personal life as well. I highly recommend working with Nat. He’s a game changer.” Stacy Christopher

Why Work with Me?

It’s common to lose ourselves in daily life, and I believe everyone deserves to get back in touch with who they truly are.

See, most of us have learned to believe in the things that we get from other people who are successful in ways that we want to be. We make those things- their things – more important than our inner knowing or our connection to ourselves. We may be successful, but we struggle daily internally.

I know exactly how frustrating it is to find your balance. I’ve been there. I had gotten so used to disregarding that part of me that is always telling me whether or not something is going to work for me – I didn’t trust myself. I was giving authority to other people, often sacrificing my own needs and desires. It was exhausting, which is why I am now dedicated to coaching others to discover their own balance and what really matters to them.

My hope is that you can stop doubting yourself, and instead feel confident in living freely and successfully as yourself.

“Nat’s wisdom and insights were incredibly helpful in identifying patterns in my life that prevented me from embodying the fullest expression of myself. Nat helped me identify all the hidden places where I put too much pressure on myself – ways I wouldn’t let myself relax. This awareness was a game changer. It shifted the way I relate to myself, my family, and my teaching. I learned ways to more thoroughly love myself, ways to identify when I got off track, and most importantly, how to bring myself back to wholeness. I now feel more joy, less stress and even more vibrancy in all aspects of my life. Nat is very gifted at this work and I’m incredibly grateful I had the opportunity to work with him! If you have the chance to collaborate with this unique and very special person, you won’t regret it.” Dawn Davis