Are You Feeling as Free, Fulfilled and Alive as You Sense You Could Be?

Hi there, I’m Nat!  I support purpose-driven CEOs, entrepreneurs and creative leaders to relax at a core level and function from their presence.

Over the years, I've worked with leaders who are doing good work in the world, and who...

  • Chronically feel burned out from over-giving, over-doing, or finding it hard to say ‘no’ to helping someone
  • Are driven to maximize their schedules and be more productive hoping that they can relax later but usually run out of time
  • Often feel guilty for taking time away from work or family to have fun; or believe that doing nothing is being lazy
  • Believe that they need to keep it together to be strong, and that asking for help is a sign of weakness
  • Didn’t have a sense of belonging as kids and feel drawn to fit into someone else’s prescribed box or formula for success, yet never feeling like it’s worked well
  • Are intuitive yet fear that they won’t be able to hear or trust their inner guidance
  • Settle for less than what they really want because they’ve learned that either they are too much (i.e. to handle, too sensitive) or what they’ve wanted is too much

If any of that resonates with you, know that you're not alone. We live in a culture that favors pushing, hustling, perfection, productivity, learned knowledge and one-size-fits-all... over rest, relaxation, creativity, uniqueness, diversity, play, wisdom and wellbeing.

It's unnatural to live this way. When you go against your nature, you lose trust in yourself, your lifeforce is suppressed, and the world misses out on your brilliance.


Fortunately, more leaders are speaking up and modeling a newer way of being in business. You too can lead the change by discovering and modeling your unique expression of inner harmony, aliveness and sustainable contribution.

When you're being this way, you are...

  • Making room for what’s important to you
  • Having more fun
  • No longer looking outside yourself for validation and instead source it within
  • Feeling freer, less attached to any particular outcome
  • Feeling more confident, grounded and centered in your body
  • Feeling nourished, energized and fulfilled
  • More resilient and are better able to handle life’s challenges 
  • Feeling good about having what you want and receiving it in ways that work for you
  • Feeling appreciated, supported and connected in your relationships
  • Trusting your inner knowing and feeling more at ease with uncertainty  
  • Celebrating the journey
  • Contributing in the ways you’re uniquely designed and inspired to do 

How I Can Help


Set Yourself Free

Identify the key ways you hold yourself back from feeling liberated and alive


Activate Your Aliveness

Engage in new ways of being to liberate yourself from past conditioning and create room for more ease and joy.