Living from Embodied Well-Being

Be Fully You

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Be fully you. ⁠
Bring your fullness to every moment.⁠

Life is kind of this dance between allowing ourselves to show up fully expressed and finding safety in the familiar.⁠

What I’ve discovered is that the more I allow the full expression of me, which comes with increasingly more self-acceptance and compassion, the more alive and satisfied I am. It doesn’t mean that everything in my life is perfect. Life is ever evolving anyway. I allow space for all of it. This is what being fully expressed is. ⁠

When I shrink, hide, judge and suppress who I am, it may feel safer, but only because it’s more familiar. But this act of hiding and suppressing ourselves is an act of dimming our light. Therefore, we lose the sense of connection and aliveness that is the essence of who we are. ⁠

It’s perfectly okay to hide and shrink. It’s our biology’s way of keeping us safe. (See #debdana‘s Polyvagal work) ⁠
So no judgment.⁠

Just know that as you allow yourself to be more fully you, the more connected, satisfied, fulfilled and alive you’ll feel. ⁠

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