The Overgiver Conditional Receiver

The Overgiver believes that they need to give first, give more, or give back so that they can feel loved, valued, safe and worthy of receiving. When things aren’t working, this type often thinks the solution is to give more. 

  • It’s important for me to give first.
  • I cannot receive this without giving back
  • I cannot receive this… it’s too much or too nice.
  • I feel valued when I’m giving.

This type often shows up when an individual wants to be seen as valuable through what they do for others. It can also show up, when an individual doesn’t feel worthy of receiving what has already been given to them. And, it is likely to rear its head, when an individual receives something and believes that their value does not measure up to what has been given and they must make up for the unequal gift.

The energy of overgiving is an imbalance of value and flow. There is more energy flowing out than is flowing in.

Tendencies to:

  • Discount their prices
  • Undercharge
  • Over-service

When you hear the words unconditional receiving what thoughts pop into your head?

Are you excited to learn what you need to do to receive more possessions and create more love and freedom in your life?

Unconditional Receiving is:

A deep knowing of your essential nature – a state of love, value, security, fulfillment, and aliveness. It’s about feeling your essential nature so strongly that you express that knowing regardless of the external circumstances.

Yes, it can lead to more material goods and blissful experiences but only because those external experiences are matching your internal frequency of unconditional receiving.

When you are being an Unconditional Receiver you:

  • Remember your true identity as Aliveness/Awareness/Love/God
  • Live in partnership with your essence (body, mind and soul); allowing a fuller expression of your essential nature through your body

Living in the state of Abundance


Jennifer came to me knowing that she is an overgiver. She doesn’t think twice about giving and can feel bad about saying ‘no’ to helping out a friend or client. Sometimes she feels overwhelmed and resentment about what she has already committed to.


Jennifer was excited because she knew for some time that she was over-servicing, but now she had tangible steps to shift her energy and corresponding actions. The steps weren’t a stretch to implement because it was already in her nature to be generous (ie. abundance) – she simply needed to direct that generosity towards herself.

From our work, she realized that she was not a bad person for saying ‘no’ to others’ requests, and that it was okay that she couldn’t do it all.  She let her partner take care of more chores and responsibilities around the house.

Jennifer also realized that the more generous she was to herself, that she was able to maintain a higher vibe and be of even greater service to her clients.