The Perfectionist Conditional Receiver


Perfectionists may be so attentive to details that they can create the energy and space where other people may not feel safe to be themselves. When things aren’t working to this type’s satisfaction, they often think the solution is to be even more flawless.

Perfectionists don’t have any problem starting over. In fact, they’re used to it. they will restart a project over and over again.

  • It’s not ready yet. I’m not ready yet.
  • I can’t afford to make mistakes.
  • I need to be better.
  • I can’t get it wrong.
  • I need to be more successful (or more of something else) before I can be of value and be loved.

This conditional receiver type often shows up when trying to meet an expectation that is not clearly defined or where the rules keep on changing.

The energy of perfectionism is focused on what’s not right and a desire to wait.

Tendencies to:

  • Procrastinate
  • Endlessly tweak and edit
  • Hold off on releasing projects out into the world
  • Believe that their services need to be perfect or else they won’t receive payment
  • Hold themselves and others to very high standards
  • Judge other experts as not being good enough to support their needs. For example, an expert may really great at marketing but their life is out of balance, therefore Perfectionists may believe that this expert can’t possibly teach them what they need.

When you hear the words unconditional receiving what thoughts pop into your head?

Are you excited to learn what you need to do to receive more possessions and create more love and freedom in your life?

Unconditional Receiving is:

A deep knowing of your essential nature – a state of love, value, security, fulfillment, and aliveness. It’s about feeling your essential nature so strongly that you express that knowing regardless of the external circumstances.

Yes, it can lead to more material goods and blissful experiences but only because those external experiences are matching your internal frequency of unconditional receiving.

When you are being an Unconditional Receiver you:

  • Remember your true identity as Aliveness/Awareness/Love/God
  • Live in partnership with your essence (body, mind and soul); allowing a fuller expression of your essential nature through your body


During our initial session, we identified that Heather’s two dominant Conditional Receivers were the Perfectionist and the Sacrificer, with the Sacrificer edging out the Perfectionist slightly.  When she tuned into the Sacrificer however, Heather had so much resistance that she felt shut down. We decided to focus on the Perfectionist instead as a way of accessing the Sacrificer.

As the Perfectionist, Heather had very high expectations for herself and others. She focused on doing things right and worried about getting things wrong. She felt trapped and consistently bounced back and forth between the desire to create something flawlessly and the fear of failure.  The theme of her life was:  If you can’t do something perfectly, then you don’t do it.

These habits and beliefs affected her well-being. Her ability to relax was conditional on doing something well. She had trouble putting out new offers for her business because she was afraid of not being able to create an offer that people wouldn’t buy. Thus she stopped herself by trying to avoid failure. With money, she believed that if she could play the game right, then she can have more abundance. She relied heavily on trying to make better guesses and correct decisions, yet worried that she wasn’t making the right ones.


After Heather applied the Unconditional Receiving tools and practices, she felt like her whole body could relax. She made herself more important and made better choices regarding her own well-being. She was able to be more present in relationships, truly listening and having an increased understanding of others. It was easier to show up, have difficult conversations, and ask for what she wanted. It became easier to receive more love.

Heather also experienced more flow in her business. Before she did things out of obligation. She pushed herself to take action in hopes of receiving something later. Now she simply arrives at an action and follows through with greater ease. Her relationship with receiving money also became more playful. She still had resistance pop up daily but simply applying the tools supports Heather in getting unstuck and living more in flow with her Aliveness.