The Sacrificer Conditional Receiver

Sacrificers believe that they are too much or that what they’re asking for is too much. Thus, they believe they need to compromise who they are or sacrifice what they want in order to feel valued, loved, safe and worthy of receiving. There’s a projection of burden. They don’t want to make others uncomfortable so they won’t let themselves have or be who they really are.

Sacrificers have a tendency to only show aspects of themselves that they think people will accept. Their tendency is to not enforce boundaries, being wishy-washy, and sacrificing their time and putting other people’s needs first. 

When things aren’t working to their satisfaction, they think the solution is to sacrifice and compromise more.

  • I can’t be me. I am too much. I need to hide who I really am.
  • I can’t have exactly what I want. It’s too much to ask for.
  • I’ll settle for less… at least I got something.
  • I can’t ask for what I want because I might get rejected.

The Sacrificer type often shows up when an individual tries to feel valued and loved by not creating waves or by not being a burden. They feel uncomfortable asking for what they really want and will often leave it up to other people to decide what’s in their best interest.

Sacrificers do not believe they have the authority to ask or have what is important to them. Their requesting muscles are atrophied because they believe they have already asked too much.

The energy of Sacrificing is of giving up, giving in, or settling. There is more energy flowing out than is flowing in.

Tend to:

  • Water down their creations or charge less because they don’t think that there will be enough people interested or enough people who will pay the amount they desire.

  • Have trouble sticking to goals or give up along the way because they don’t believe they can have what they want or their goals get sidelined by other people’s interests. 

  • Avoid reaching out to colleagues for guidance because they’re afraid that they would be asking too much, overburden them and come across as wanting to take advantage of their relationship.

  • Have a hard time sticking to their boundaries, often sacrificing their time and putting their clients’ or family priorities first.

When you hear the words unconditional receiving what thoughts pop into your head?

Are you excited to learn what you need to do to receive more possessions and create more love and freedom in your life?

Unconditional Receiving is:

A deep knowing of your essential nature – a state of love, value, security, fulfillment, and aliveness. It’s about feeling your essential nature so strongly that you express that knowing regardless of the external circumstances.

Yes, it can lead to more material goods and blissful experiences but only because those external experiences are matching your internal frequency of unconditional receiving.

When you are being an Unconditional Receiver you:

  • Remember your true identity as Aliveness/Awareness/Love/God
  • Live in partnership with your essence (body, mind and soul); allowing a fuller expression of your essential nature through your body

Living in the state of Authority


At the start of our consultation, Ericka spoke about how she gives of herself until it hurts. She took on clients that she knew better weren’t a perfect fit and that would lead to trouble, because she wanted to be of service. She found it extremely hard to create boundaries, so she would live with situations that were not providing her with what she wanted or needed. Ericka didn’t pay attention to her needs, in fact, what she needed always took a back seat. This under-nurturing, was impacting her health and she was experiencing serious gut distress. It took her awhile to notice that when she discounted her own needs, a gut flare up would occur and this led to feeling constantly drained.

By tuning into her inner Authority, Ericka made better choices and let go of patterns that were not aligned with her essential nature of receiving. She devoted herself to focusing on experiences that resonated with her core.

As a result, she stopped having problems with her gut and her money relationship changed to one of faith, not worry. She also experienced a new feeling of strength and safety by listening to her Soul and taking action on the guidance aligning with the direction of her purpose.

Ericka had a surge of creativity and new ideas to share with the world and understood how to work and receive from that guidance. Before she would follow one bright shiny object of an idea after another and the results were lackluster. This time, she was able to stay aligned with her initial idea and flush out more details and begin to receive from it.