Living from Embodied Well-Being


“Circling with Nat feels like permission to explore who I am. He brings a grounded, unwavering presence that gives me the sense of being held. This kind of “safety net” allows me to play around at my edges, discover new territories of my being that were previously hidden. I’m very grateful to circle with Nat… I find our circles to be nourishing, enriching and alive.”

Alex Doll 

“I participated in Nat’s Shine Bright Lab this fall and was able to take advantage of a personalized Human Design Reading as well. The lab had a different focus/experiment each week and I found myself surprised by how often I was considering and/or practicing the ‘lab experiments’.  Even just creating the uninterrupted time to be able to participate, inspired by a Nat prompt on our Slack channel, felt like a gift to myself, as was each element of the lab.  For me personally, I particularly benefited from the experiment and conversation with our group about abundance.
My Human Design Lab reading was a wonderful complement to the workshop and helped me to better understand 2 particular hang ups that keep reappearing in my life. I left with an immediate reframe on both and feel like a weight has been lifted- I no longer have to replay the same broken record on those items. There is now space for something new and that is a delightful feeling!
Nat is a gracious, humble, and kind teacher who will hold space for you to question, experiment, and step into a more curious, confident, and abundant version of yourself.”
Jennifer F. 
“Nat is someone when you first meet him, you know there’s something really magical that is about to emerge. Nat’s presence and ability to cut through ANY barriers are priceless. What I got out of my coaching with Nat, was that I can really honor myself, and I am not saying this on a basic level here, I mean FULLY AND UNCONDITIONALLY honor myself and what really matters to me. And that I can also love myself as being a sacrificer, yet I do not have to sacrifice anything AND I can REALLY have it all in life, ha!! Wow! Who would have thought that was possible?! And I want to say that this doesn’t happen overnight here, but it was the missing piece in my life that really had me get the clarity, relief and inspiration that I so needed at this time aka getting myself out of my way. The mind blocks I had, have disappeared and I am now on my way to living a life being free of sacrifice, most importantly a life of honor and inspiration. I am ever so honored and blessed to have crossed paths with Nat. If you are someone who is a high performer (especially in business or entrepreneurship), gives your energy away all the time, do not know how NOT to sacrifice yourself, and want to create something bigger for your life with ease and freedom, Nat is your guy!! Do not wait! You will get a whole new perspective, a new way of being to come from, and results that are beyond your imagination. Thank you Nat for giving me this incredible gift!!” Kate Peabody, Founder Big Creative Life

By figuring out how I was limiting my receiving, I was able to unleash a HUGE amount of creativity that I had been stuck on for ages!

Ericka O’Cain 

“I completed the six month ‘love work’ with Nat and was truly amazed at how so many aspects of my life transformed, shifted. His wisdom and insights were incredibly helpful in identifying patterns in my life that prevented me from embodying the fullest expression of myself. Nat helped me identify all the hidden places where I put too much pressure on myself – ways I wouldn’t let myself relax. This awareness was a game changer. It shifted the way I relate to myself, my family, and my teaching. I learned ways to more thoroughly love myself, ways to identify when I got off track, and most importantly, how to bring myself back to wholeness. It was truly meaningful to work with Nat. I now feel more joy, less stress and even more vibrancy in all aspects of my life. Nat is very gifted at this work and I’m incredibly grateful I had the opportunity to work with him! If you have the chance to collaborate with this unique and very special person, you won’t regret it.”

Dawn Davis 

“Working with Nat was such a powerful experience. I find it difficult to ask for help, am very independent and determined. Feeling awkward to ask for anything makes it difficult for me to market my services adequately and to confidently make an offer / ask for business. That’s not great when I am a single mum of a teen son, and of course all the income generation to support us has to come from my business. Not great for my relationship either. Nat asked questions that helped me understand the source of my behaviour and emotions and the impact they were having on my business. He certainly didn’t let me ‘wriggle off the hook’ but was so kind. I began to feel very emotional, which is not like me at all, as I really started to dig into emotions that I usually bury very very deeply. I was very impressed by Nat’s level of insight and understanding, even though we were doing our session via the internet, thousands of miles apart. Nat provided very clear next steps and action points for me to work on over the following week. Within a few days I had started to tune into my deeper emotions. I began to properly consider the energy of partnership and letting others in to help me in the same way that I love to help them. Everything doesn’t have to be yes or no, one thing or the other. I looked for opportunities to ask for things and I reconsidered options that I had previously discounted. I started asking for things from friends and family, and making offers and asking for business. I approached a business owner, who I thought needed someone with my skills for their team. They were so pleased I asked them, and it has opened up another revenue stream for me!” –Susan Weeks, Podcast Producer and Mentor
“Working with Nat changed my life in ways I never expected. When I hired Nat, I was a very successful, overwhelmed, and unhappy entrepreneur. Working with him helped me to develop skills I needed to manage my emotions and energy so that I could create what I truly desired from life. The tools and lessons learned through Nat’s coaching have supported me in getting to who I really am and what I truly want out of my life. I have tremendously increased my self awareness and found the life balance I was so desperate for. The increased consciousness in me has opened up the door to healthier relationships, a stronger business and most importantly a more authentic and joyful me. Thank you Nat for creating a safe space to sort through all the beliefs that were stopping me from living my life in pure bliss. Have a great day, Nat! Thanks for all that you are.” Julie Mele 

“Recently I had the opportunity to experience the Sacred Business Journey with Nat. I had been reluctant to sign up for the class because I have had a life long  intimidating relationship with money and with numbers. I knew that this class was an important step for me but I was unsure if I was ready to look at the emotional component of my relationship with money. With some gentle encouragement from Nat and my dear colleagues I signed up for the class. The other members of the class were extremely supportive and Nat facilitated an environment that allowed us to be vulnerable and truthful. In five weeks I was able to make significant changes in my approach to financial matters. I had thought that my lack of understanding of accounting and numerical concepts was at the heart of my insecurity with finances. But, throughout the course I learned that I had been blocking my own success through fear that was unfounded. Nat asked the questions that forced me to analyze my response to receiving and to giving in various scenarios. I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the clarity I gained throughout the five weeks of the Sacred Business Journey.”

Lisa Nichols, 12 Oak Growth and Renewal Center

“Nat’s coaching inspired me to love myself more.  Sending love to all parts of myself has allowed me to step into my wholeness.  Feelings of wholeness have opened new doors for me in my business— even some I never expected!  I’m more willing to take risks and “put myself out there.” Thanks to Nat’s course, I’m no longer hiding!” Madeline Mooney
“I had the good fortune to work with Nat with his Unconditional Receiving work. Wow! I’d been stuck in my business, and feeling like nothing was working. Since I first connected with him I’d known Nat to be a beautiful soul, yet I hadn’t realized how powerful working with him would be. I enjoy his energy and the kind and loving space he creates and holds as a container for the work. He was able to gently and firmly direct our work, and had an unerring intuition about the best place to start. I loved how Nat was able to quickly switch gears and find the most effective tools. He was able to guide us in a direction not where I “needed the most work,” but where I would be able to create maximum momentum with the smallest amount of effort. Because of his kindness, empathy, and gentle acceptance I really felt safe to open up to him. I trust him. Within a few minutes of starting our session he offered insights and tools that created immediate and lasting change. Seriously–my whole life is different as a result. Now I have more ease, more flow & more money. While it came as no surprise to me that perfectionism was an issue, I was shocked to realize all the sneaky ways perfectionism was impacting my life. With one tool I can instantly create ease in my body and my life, and with this new perspective I am now able to see–and change–how perfectionism affects me. Nat is really onto something big with his Unconditional Receiving work. I am grateful for our sessions together, and would heartily recommend Nat to anyone wanting to receive more–of anything–into their life. My life is better, and as an added bonus I’m better able to serve my clients. Thank you Nat!” Dr. Heather Clark

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