Living from Embodied Well-Being

What if Life wants you to be boldly alive?


It was a beautiful day here this past Sunday. We’ve had unseasonably warm temperatures. My wife Olga and I took the opportunity to get outside, enjoy the warmth of the sun, and be in nature. It was just what we needed after a few stressful days following the election.

A short half an hour walk later we felt like new people!

I was thinking about why being in nature is so healing. What occurred to me is that nature is a pure expression of life itself.  

Nature isn’t encumbered by the stories of what it should or shouldn’t be, like we often are. It just exists as pure presence or what I call bold aliveness.

So naturally, when we’re spending time outside in this space of bold aliveness, and engaging less with our minds, we too feel more alive. We become more like life itself.  

What if this could be the norm for you?

What might it be like if you were to follow Nature’s lead and more freely express who you are?

What if Life actually wants you to be boldly alive?


Weekly Embodiment Lab

Join me on Tuesday, November 17th at 1pm Eastern (10am Pacific).
This week, we’re going to explore what it means for you to be boldly alive and give you an experience of it.

The purpose of these labs is to give you a safe space to experiment and to develop trust and an inner knowing that you can live more openly and freely. Each week, we’ll come together, chat briefly about the latest newsletter topic, and then you’ll participate in a game or exercise that gives you a lived experience of the current topic.

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