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Circling threads


Circling is a type of interpersonal meditation done 1-on-1 or in groups.

It’s an opportunity to drop into presence and let yourself be led by that deep wisdom. It’s a practice of following the energy and paying attention to what feels most alive in the moment and sharing impact.

Its intent is not to fix or solve problems and yet change happens.

Being someone who has an overactive mind that tries hard to keep me safe through a perceived sense of control and distraction, it has felt liberating to lean more into surrender and have experience after experience showing me that I’m supported at every moment.

Circling is a unique personal experience.

Potential benefits:

  • Be seen and heard
  • Let go restrictive conditioning
  • Increase trust in yourself
  • Feel more free to be yourself
  • Increased intimacy & better communication in relationships
  • Richer life experiences
  • Feel more at ease with change & uncertainty
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“Circling with Nat feels like permission to explore who I am. He brings a grounded, unwavering presence that gives me the sense of being held. This kind of “safety net” allows me to play around at my edges, discover new territories of my being that were previously hidden. I’m very grateful to circle with Nat… I find our circles to be nourishing, enriching and alive.”

– Alex Doll



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Then choose from one of the following packages. 

“What I got out of my coaching with Nat, was that I can really honor myself… I am now on my way to living a life being free of sacrifice, most importantly a life of honor and inspiration.” 

-Kate Peabody, Founder Big Creative Life