Work With Me

Aliveness is who you are. It’s what you feel when you allow yourself to be fully expressed.

With your goals and intentions in mind, we’ll partner together to uncover and discover your unique path of freedom, aliveness and significance.  

I’ll be inviting you to explore and try on new ways of being that you have not felt safe to be yet.  You’ll expand your capacity to receive all that life has to offer and develop the knowing that you can freely be who you are and have life work for you.

Common outcomes include:

  • Feeling more at peace with change and uncertainty
  • Regaining trust in your inner knowing
  • Becoming the authority of your life – knowing what works best for you.
  • Being present and less controlled by past conditioning and traumas.
  • Feeling comfortable in your own skin; feeling at ease regardless of the situation.
  • Improved relationships with loved ones, money, clients, etc. because you’re showing up more empowered and in tune with who you are
  • Having a whole lot more fun and making room for new activities that you’ve always wanted because you’re no longer letting guilt or fear hold you back
  • Improved well-being – better sleep, feeling more rested and nourished to do the work you’re here to do.

I work with a handful of clients in private 1-on-1 coaching programs.

The Allowing Aliveness Lab

12 weekly sessions, $5000 USD

The Allowing Aliveness Lab + Integration Program

12 weekly sessions + 6 bi-weekly sessions, $8000 USD

If you’re interested in working together, let’s have a conversation.

A Happy Client

“Nat is someone when you first meet him, you know there’s something really magical that is about to emerge. Nat’s presence and ability to cut through ANY barriers are priceless. What I got out of my coaching with Nat, was that I can really honor myself, and I am not saying this on a basic level here, I mean FULLY AND UNCONDITIONALLY honor myself and what really matters to me. And that I can also love myself as being a sacrificer, yet I do not have to sacrifice anything AND I can REALLY have it all in life, ha!! Wow! Who would have thought that was possible?!

And I want to say that this doesn’t happen overnight here, but it was the missing piece in my life that really had me get the clarity, relief and inspiration that I so needed at this time aka getting myself out of my way. The mind blocks I had, have disappeared and I am now on my way to living a life being free of sacrifice, most importantly a life of honor and inspiration. I am ever so honored and blessed to have crossed paths with Nat. If you are someone who is a high performer (especially in business or entrepreneurship), gives your energy away all the time, do not know how NOT to sacrifice yourself, and want to create something bigger for your life with ease and freedom, Nat is your guy!! Do not wait! You will get a whole new perspective, a new way of being to come from, and results that are beyond your imagination. Thank you Nat for giving me this incredible gift!!”

-Kate Peabody, Founder Big Creative Life