Work With Me

Let’s partner together to discover and embrace your unique path of freedom, aliveness and significance. 

Common outcomes include:

  • Feeling more at peace with change and uncertainty
  • Increased confidence in trusting yourself
  • Becoming the authority of your life
  • Increased resilience
  • Feeling more at home in your body
  • Improved relationships with loved ones, money, and your business
  • Having a whole lot more fun
  • Improved well-being – better sleep, feeling more rested and nourished to do the work you’re here to do.

Human Design Readings

Human Design is a framework that integrates wisdom from the Kabbalah, I Ching, Astrology and Vedic philosophy.

Based on your birth info, a Human Design chart is generated for you. You can think of your chart like a Soul Blueprint. It’s helpful in understanding your influential energies, your innate gifts, your strengths and what you may have struggled with.

We’ve all been conditioned by society, our culture and our family that we often lose ourselves in the process. Human Design can support you know yourself and together with coaching, you can get back into living & working in harmony with your unique design so that you can do the work you’re driven to do while feeling more energized and satisfied.

Your reading will be a 60-minute 1:1 session via Zoom where I review your chart and share key insights in respect to a challenge or question that’s top of mind.

Shine Brighter Soul Lab


  • A 6-week private coaching container to support you to more deeply root into who you are and expand your capacity to receive, express yourself & perform


  • Dive deeper into your unique Human Design
  • Feel more at home in your body with who you are
  • Make decisions with greater confidence
  • Have more energy to do what’s meaningful to you


  • A 60-minute Human Design reading via Zoom
  • 5 weekly coaching sessions (60-minutes each) 
  • Practice embodying and expressing your truest Self
  • Session recordings


$1000 USD or 2 payments of $510

Interested in working together? Let’s have a conversation.

“What I got out of my coaching with Nat, was that I can really honor myself… I am now on my way to living a life being free of sacrifice, most importantly a life of honor and inspiration.” 

-Kate Peabody, Founder Big Creative Life