Living from Embodied Well-Being

Your Personal Harmony (or Lack of Harmony) Is Impactful

Koi Pond

When I think of harmony, I think of this koi pond. 

The well-being of the water, fish, microorganisms, and whatever else make up this eco-system depend on one another. All elements need to flow and be free in their unique ways. If the water becomes stagnant, this affects the fish. If a fish gets unhealthy and goes unnoticed, then the water becomes toxic and the other fish are impacted. Every element contributes to the harmony and well-being of the other. Not one thing is exempt.⁣ 

Similarly, as creative leaders, we have the responsibility to create harmony within ourselves because any inner discord is toxic. Its impact on ourselves and our human ecosystem is HUGE. The discord stresses us out which can eventually create dis-ease. It makes the work we’re passionate about feel like a chore. It exhausts us. It makes us doubt. We lack the clarity to make good decisions. We can’t access clear inner guidance. We also create discord in relationships we care about. ⁣

Due to our society’s and cultural influences, many creative leaders have come to believe that action at the expense of our well-being is the best way to create the biggest difference. But if you acknowledge that you are a part of a bigger ecosystem, you can amplify your impact by also cultivating a more harmonious way of being. ⁣Because who and how you’re being is valuable.

There are many ways to do this and I recommend finding what resonates most with you. I enjoy partnering with my clients to develop inner-harmony through the Bold Aliveness model I created (formerly called the Unconditional Receiving model). If you’re curious to learn more, send me a message or browse this site. 

I look forward to connecting.⁣

What’s one thing you will choose to do today to nurture your inner well-being?

[Photo taken in October 2018. Self Realization Temple Meditation Gardens, Encinitas, CA]⁣

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